Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Wish, A Prayer

Its quite ironic that I wrote about Bombay just three days ago in my previous post. What's more ironic is that I watched this movie - "A Wednesday" also during the last few days. The ever resilient city is in the midst of yet another terror crisis as the whole world watches. "Terror grips India's largest city" screams the headline of a news channel as many of my friends here in Raleigh pray for their families and friends back in Bombay. In India, people are still recovering from the shock that jolted them on a mundane Wednesday night. To all those whose families were shattered and blown away just to sate the mad ambition of a frustrated terrorist, We are all praying for you. We pray that God gives you the strength and courage to fight this day. The spirit of India weeps with you today as you mourn the loss of your loved ones.

My heart goes out to all those officers and policemen who lost their lives today. We always talk about armed forces protecting our borders from infiltrators and miscreants. What a brave act it must have been on the part of these officers to rush to action to protect their city and its citizens. And to think these miscreants are breeding at an alarming rate among our very own people is quite distressing. No form of government or policing can prevent, let alone predict, an act of such vile intent.

It is the eve of Thanksgiving in the US. A day when people count their blessings and express gratitude for whatever they have achieved in life. I'd like to thank God for the fact that my family and friends are safe today. But, my sincere wish is that there is some answer, some solution to all this violence around us.

I hope this period for us is like a turbulence on an aircraft - one during which you do feel scared and fear for your safety, but at the back of your mind, you somehow know that the Captain is going to regain stability sooner or later. So, Captain if you're listening - our seatbelts are fastened tight and we're laying in wait for you to take charge!

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