Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 Random Things

Turns out I'm not that good a writer after all. I ran out of ideas to write and then when I did get some, I just got plain lazy. This post is actually thanks to Gowri. She tagged me in one of her notes in Facebook where she wrote 25 random things about herself. This inspired me to do the same! Except its not on Facebook and I haven't tagged anyone on it. I hope I haven't drawn too much from her note :)

Here goes:
  1. I've never felt bad about being short. This despite being mocked at almost all the time by my "tall" friends.
  2. I love the smell of wet earth - you know, when it just begins to rain. Whats more - I love to be out when its raining!
  3. I'm extremely spiritual. Quite religious too. And these I inherit directly from my Mother.
  4. Music feeds my soul. Trite as this sounds, its true. 100%. I find myself singing under my breath..ALL the time. In the shower, while checking my email, while cooking. Why, even as I write this gibberish.
  5. I can listen to music all day. A good pair of plug-in earphones is vital for an enjoyable experience though.
  6. I cannot dance. As much as I try to - I just cant get myself to jive to the beat!
  7. I'm a good public speaker. But for the initial jitters, I carry myself well on stage.
  8. I'm terrible at handling money. I often lose track of my debts and loans. Thank god for Excel!
  9. I can spend hours playing word games online. I'm addicted to them!
  10. There are 3 things that I love to eat - chocolate, pulikaachal and snow :P
  11. Talking about food, I hate to eat a meal all by myself. It throws me into depression!
  12. There's one thing I look forward to every year - my birthday. I usually have a personal 30 day countdown towards it :)
  13. I've never had long hair. Each time I decide to grow it long, I get tired of it and get it chopped!
  14. I'm a tentative learner - be it a sport or a technical concept, I'd like to take my own time.
  15. It takes me some time to make friends. A really really long time to break off from them.
  16. I cry very easily. Sensitive me!
  17. I'm good at giving advice. Sometimes this makes me think I should have become a psychiatrist!
  18. I speak my mind all the time. There have been so many times that I've asked myself to shut up. For my own good.
  19. On the contrary, I'm a soft hearted romantic on the inside. Few people know this side of mine.
  20. I enjoy working out in the gym. Its another issue that I don't do it often! But when I do do it, it liberates me. :)
  21. I cannot stand incompetence, hypocrisy and betrayal.
  22. I often skim through old pictures of family and friends. Verrry often actually. :P
  23. I have a firm belief in Karma. What goes around, comes around.
  24. I work better on my own than in a team. But this is changing - slowly and steadily. :)
  25. Having written this, I'm beginning to like myself more! :D


s said...

the epitome of eloquence.

who says you dont have writing talent?? too much lies ya. oh, and i would like to point this out, you forgot no. 26: the way-injaw u append-injaw injaw-injaw for everything-injaw.


Charu said...

Epitome of Eloquence is pushing things a little too far! But thanks :D

And enough of this mockery-injaw! Pah!

fille de soleil said...

loved this post!!! Shame on me, I didn't know most things! Truly shameful. And that shows how self centered i am... sigh.

Peppy post and please dont fool yourself by thinking you dont have writing skills.

One more thing, I like you better after reading this post. "God Promise". :)

Charu said...

Thank You! :)

Gowri said...

Too good........and sandeep's comment had me lol! :)